7 Reasons to Make the Kia Cadenza Your Next Car

Are you in the market for a new or used car? While exciting, it can also be complicated!

You're probably getting lots of advice from friends and car-buying experts. What about the internet searches? Are you even more confused?

You may have considered several car options, but have you checked out the Kia Cadenza?

The Kia Cadenza is a full-size car that ranks near the top in its class.

We've compiled a list of the things you'll love about this car.

Take a look! You may have just found your new vehicle.

7 Reasons to Make the Kia Cadenza Your New Car

The Kia Cadenza's pricing and reliability are among two of the things that make this a great car choice. But if this wasn’t enough to convince you, this comfortable, five-seater has several features that you'll love as well.

1. Quality Interior

The interior of this car has been described as high-end, upscale, modern and formal.

The front seats are comfortable as well as adjustable. There are plenty of soft materials making it one of the more luxurious interiors in its class.

Kia has added legroom to the newer model making it perfect for families with growing kids or for your adult passengers.

2. Quietness

Whether you're looking at a pre-owned or new model, you won't find a car much quieter than the Kia Cadenza.

The older models scored higher than similar cars in the quietness category. The newer models have even more insulation and added details making for an even quieter ride.

3. Price

The 2018 model starts at $36,000. Fully loaded versions will cost you somewhere into the mid-40s. Some would call this a steal when set side by side to the pricing of comparable cars in its class. As an added bonus, all levels of this car are packed with attractive features.

4. Safety

The Kia Cadenza was named a top safety pick. It comes standard with 9 airbags as well as a backup camera. Added safety enhancements include a blind-spot and lane departure warning system and forward collision warning with automatic braking.

5. Technology

The base premium model comes with Bluetooth, an eight-speaker sound system, and Kia's UVO infotainment system. This system includes a 7-inch touchscreen, satellite radio, Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The higher trim packages come with even more tech features!

6. Drive Mode Select

Do you want to optimize the performance of your Kia Cadenza? You can!

Choose between the default Comfort drive mode, and the Sport, Smart, and Eco modes. Each one geared toward your specific need.

7. Nice to Drive

This car has everything you need to make driving a full-size car enjoyable. It has electrically-assisted steering causing it to take corners more like a sports car.

For parking and driving at slower speeds, the light steering makes it easier to maneuver than you would anticipate for a larger-sized car.

Is it Your Time to Buy?

Are you ready to buy a new or pre-owned car? Is the new Kia Cadenza the car for you? If you live in the Rochester or Canandaigua area, stop into any of our family of dealerships.  We also sell Buick, Jeep, Hyundai, Nissan, Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and GMC cars and trucks.

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