The Rochester Golisano Children’s Hospital Receives $100,000 Grant from Hyundai

This year, Hyundai is celebrating the 20th year of Hyundai Hope on Wheels, non-profit organization created to help fight pediatric cancer. The program is committed to raising money to fund research and raise awareness for childhood cancer. The money is raised through Hyundai dealerships, with more than 830 across the country, who donate a portion of each vehicle sold to Hyundai Hope on Wheels.

The Vision Automotive Group is proud to participate through our Hyundai dealerships. This year, we were thrilled to celebrate with the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, NY. Awarded with $100,000, the hospital will use these funds to help support research and treat children right here in our local community.

The University of Rochester Medicine's Golisano Children’s Hospital is the only pediatric hospital serving the Finger Lakes region. It’s commitment to the community is strong, as can be seen in their mission to treating all children, no matter their family’s financial status.


To celebrate the donation, Hyundai Hope on Wheels held a traditional Handprint Ceremony with members of the community. Children painted their hands and placed their handprints on a Hyundai car with bright colors. These handprints represent children who survived cancer, are currently fighting cancer, or whose memories live on. Children from all over the community came to celebrate and place their handprints with us.


The staff at Vision is ecstatic to see the progress the Golisano Hospital’s team makes with the donation. The Chief of the hospital, Dr. Craig Mullen, explained that they "have two projects going on that'll be funded by the research: One is a project that looks at childhood leukemia in infants which currently is very hard to treat and we're hoping that some of the biological insights that the doctor will be conducting studies on will help some of the molecular causes of this." He also explained that the second initiative is working to find ways to make cancer treatment more tolerable for teenagers, as reported in an article by Rochester First. For more specific information and insights about the research projects, you can read more from Dr. Craig Mullen here.

Across the country, there is a need for funding for pediatric cancer research. The amount of families effected by such serious conditions is harrowing. For example:

·       One in 285 children in our country will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer before they turn 20 years old.

·       Pediatric cancer is complicated, with 12 main types and over 100 subtypes.

·       On average, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer every day.

These numbers reflect a general overview and do not shed light on the daily struggles patients and their families face.


A major part of the funding for Hyundai Hope on Wheels is devoted to life saving research. The non-profit provides grants for doctors and research centers. These grants range from $100k to $2.5 million. Our local hospital was selected for an Impact Grant. To learn more about the grant and the hospital, check out the video here.

Interested in donating or learning more about the program? Contact us here or check out our community involvement page to learn more about our work in the community and why we love giving back.

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